Interviewing the interviewer about the Tall Whites

“Sweeps” is the nickname of a atypical and amazing character, an American “ufologist” and radio animator living in Ireland . He is the first one who interviewed for the radio medium Charles Hall, the retired airman who worked between 65 to 67 at Nellis Air Force Base. Because of his unique position and view about the Area 51 and extraterrestrial subject, we thought at Karmapolis that “Sweeps” could be a very interesting witness to give us an opinion about the Tall Whites phenomenon and about the personality and credibility of Charles Hall. Have fun…

Karma One: Can you present yourself briefly to our readers?

Sweeps: Can I be brief? Don't know. OK. I was a former Agent...U.S. Army Security Agency (same as Gerry Zeitlin).

-Worked in Project Peace Hawk-Saudi Arabia-training Saudi Air Force on Top Security Base in Saudi outside of 'Taif'...where we identified UFO's on radar...and scrambled sorties after them time and time again.
-Founder and Field Readiness Coordinator; 'Royal Saudi Arabian Army COMBAT MEDICS '...before, during, and after Gulf War 1 'Desert Storm-
-I am a Teacher/educator-now teach at local secondary school-basic traditional Science subjects
-Am a Registered Professional Nurse, and worked in the United States as well as in many various world countries/settings. I've been a Nurse Supervisor for Mental Hospitals, Acute Care Units, Accident and Emergency Departments, Medical/Surgical Units, and certified in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) as well as Emergency Medical Technology-EMT.
Author-different books-among them; 'Trying To Light The Match'- Kicking The One Reality Habit , and 'Introduction To Arabic Speaking'...which I used to teach Western Coalition Forces for 'Desert Storm'/Gulf War 1. Also wrote many technical Neurology, Seizure Disorder, Burns Unit Nursing manuals.
Was also the Duty Supervisor for ADT, in Dublin Ireland. It's the largest Private Security Company in the World, I was in charge of the ‘guarding' for major facilities such as ‘The Point', The RDS (Royal Dublin Society), The National Museum, and hundreds of other Prime locations in and around the Irish Capital.
Founder/editor/and PRO -'Irishufology Forum Outreach & Paranormal Studies'-6900 members world wide and about 15,000 associate members.
Web site: www.irishufology.net
People can E-mail me: foxman1@eircom.net

We do a 'Newsletter' monthly/articles/color/graphics, and are into our 6th year of publication for members, media, and friends

I do talks/lectures at Universities, run work shops, and organized 'Skywatch' groups to signal and look for UFO's. We video tape and make documentaries of UFO's photographed and videoed I had the pleasure of beening the subject for books, magazines, TV Documentaries, and newspapers. On TV and radio shows frequently talking/showing UFO's world wide and speaking with special reference on Paranormal and Reality views. Most currently, I am the Host of 'The Sweeps Fox Show', a local Irish and Internet radio program, will shortly start Streaming the Shows from out Web Site.

Karma One: You were the first radio show to interview Charles Hall. What where the reactions of your listeners and also viewers (because you edit a video version of the interview) toward the story of Charles?

Sweeps: Yes, ‘The Sweeps Fox Show'-Radio- was the 1 st /exclusive to AIR Charles Hall's ‘Tall Whites' interview for both a Local Irish and a Global Internet Audience. It was a wonderful experience to be able to do that and ‘get the message' out to the world…at last! It was the one everyone was waiting for. Actually, Paola Harris the investigative photo journalist was on top of the story a year before. ‘We' couldn't understand why she hadn't presented the story herself, since she had CONFIRMED all the aspects of it during her personal investigations and time with Charles Hall. I phoned her in Rome and told her we were going to AIR the story, and she was quite nice about having been asked in advance for her approval. Nexus magazine editor Duncan Rhodes was also quite an advocate of Charlie Hall and his 3 millennial books about his experiences with the Tall White ET's. while serving as an Airman in the U.S. Air Force in Nevada , U.S.A. I had established a good rapport, as well as good insights, with Charles and his wife Marie Therese which helped us present the books and the story in a very personal fashion for the broadcast.

As soon as we broadcast that show or web site was ‘hacked'. The ‘server' for our web site was taken off line by YAHOO. We had been with YAHOO for about 5 years…and all of a sudden we were given ‘the run a round' by them. Suddenly they ‘never heard of us'. We has ceased to exist…and were paid up for months ahead. Interesting huh? We had to go make a new web site with a better hosting policy. Next, our ‘Sister Station's servers were ‘knocked out'. But, our chief tech was able to locate where the ‘Zone of interference' was emanating from, and he quickly BLOCKED IT. The interference was coming from a location in the State of Washington in America …right next to the ‘Hanford Nuclear Facility'. Nice huh? We also issued a warning that if it happened again…we would knock out their entire ‘network'…and we would have. Our chief tech has the power and knowledge to do just that.

Karma One: According to Charles, the Tall Whites have a main base in Nellis, not very far away from Area 51 and Groom Lake . As far as you know, did the Tall whites interact with others races of alien, mainly the short greys who are supposed to have a base also in the area?

Sweeps : Well, Charlie was in an area on Nellis Air Force Base which kept him fairly isolated while doing his duty as the ‘weather man' for the base. He was left very much alone in order to carry out these duties, and his contact and then relationship with ‘The Tall White' ET's was not at all one whereby he could ask as many questions of them as he might have wanted to. In fact, his 1 st contact with them was quite traumatic and took him about 6 months to ‘get over' the fact that ‘they' did indeed exist…and were not from this planet. He went from abject fear and denial to a more gradual acceptance of the role he was to later develop with them. I don't believe, from what I know of conversations with Charlie and his wife, that he had any knowledge or contact with ‘Greys'.

Karma One : Did Charles explain to you if he seen other type of aliens or if he knew that other type of aliens lived in area 51?

Sweeps : Charlie speculated on that possibility with me, but he never admitted to seeing other types of ‘Aliens' on the base. One has to remember that he was quite young at the time and probably had enough to deal with just adjusting to the fact that ET's existed and were here. I'm sure that the idea of ‘other species' on or near the base wouldn't have crossed his mind until reflection years later. He did however talk about seeing and identifying a Nordic type of ET before he entered the Air Force. Could this have been a reason for him being selected in the first place to interact with another ‘species' while serving in the Air Force?

Karma One : Do you think that the Tall Whites is a widespread phenomenon, that one could find them in other parts of the world and where?

Sweeps : Interesting, and ironic that you should ask that question. It's also quite true that The Tall Whites had many ‘scout ships' landing at Nellis. Why would they have so many of them…if not for other exploration or other areas on this planet which they inhabit or use for some purpose. We are aware of a place in caves in the State of Illinois-U.S.A where they are also located…probably for a long time. My own interest in the Charles Hall experience was generated by the fascinating FACT that I myself had an encounter with one right here in Ireland . My wife knew of it, but I reasonably couldn't expect others to take my word for it. It's so ‘far out' of most people's experience, or they would never admit to it.

As for the ‘Tall White' I had seen here, I'd told Charlie Hall the story. He wasn't the least bit surprised, and even gave a reason for why ‘it' might have been so interested in ‘going through my garbage bin. That's where I encountered it. And that would be a whole other story too.

Karma One : The Tall Whites were the first to be at Nellis. Do you know if the Air Force has some problems when they build their huge installation in Nellis (Different gunnery range test sites, black projects test sites etc.)

Sweeps : I don't think ‘we' can say that ‘The Tall Whites' were the first at Nellis Air Force Base. We do know from Charlie's ‘tellings' that they had been there maybe centuries ago. There is a very clandestine history there, dating back at least 50 years or more. More things will be coming out, but at this point we are still investigating with many others. Many very forthright and ‘Disclosure Project' type people however, are saying that the whole region inclusive of Groom and Papoose Lake…and all the vast underground facilities, actually serves as an ‘Ambassadorial Reception Center' for many Alien species as well as for exchange technology. I'm confident that the building of Area 51 and adjacent areas will be found to have been ‘planned' along with ET ‘committees' and decision making after contact with the U.S. and other governments and ‘black projects'.

Karma One: In your investigations, are you able to cross the story of Charles with the testimony of others witnesses ?

Sweeps : Good question! Corroboration is always most helpful, in fact a vital part of exacting veracity/proof of ‘what happened'. In too many cases, ‘encounters' or the like have been disbelieved or unresolved simply because they happened without witnesses to a solitary person. Yes, in Charlie Hall's case, witnesses are ‘coming forth' after being tracked down due to the number of years that have passed. There are indeed people who worked at Nellis with Charlie or around the same time period. In fact, many have been found and seem willing to substantiate Charlie's claims…and of course their own now since it's all more or less ‘out in the open now'. They will be the subject of our further ‘Sweeps Fox Show' on the matter. So, their identities and whereabouts must be closely guarded at this point. But, look forward to it. They also have interesting new aspects which they will want to share about ‘that' experience.

Karma One : In your work, you read a lot of stories about aliens. What is the originality of the story about the Tall Whites?

Sweeps: By ‘originality' do you mean different? If so, yes it brings a whole new ‘feeling' to our understanding of ‘ALIEN' and this species in particular. The ‘Tall Whites' have family values and love of each other, have a division of labor much like ourselves, look very much ‘Humanoid' disguising themselves to look like us quite easily, and have been interacting and ‘walking among us' for centuries without causing a stir or bother to ‘humankind'.

Karma One : Why the Tall Whites came to earth? Are they interested by human beings and why?

Sweeps : Intelligent life seeks out other intelligent life. But, also Earth is a ‘way stations'…a place to repair, refuel, and enjoy. It's a beautiful planet on the far end of one of the ‘ Milky Ways ' spiral arms. Wouldn't you come here if in similar circumstances to other ET species? Perhaps ‘they' are not really interested in us as a species…except to study or amuse themselves with. After all, Charlie Hall was like a sacrificial lamb to them. Yes he wasn't hurt MUCH, but he was subject to their ‘mind games' and technology at times. And ‘ the big American generals' simply allowed the ‘Tall Whites' to do what they wanted…an experiment with Charlie? Other Airmen, in Charlie's place, had met with injury and severe mal-treatment. So, here you have the American big boys playing once again with the lives of ‘ordinary people'…and didn't care. Charlie was plain lucky!

Karma One : Why Charles Halls didn't get apparently in trouble by revealing to the attention of the general public the existence of the Tall Whites? Do you know if Charles was finally the subject of pressures or threats from the Air Force or the Government?

Sweeps : This question has a lot of well pointed possibilities. We' know' that the government and its' ‘black operations' boys and girls, have been looking at a way to ‘wiggle off the hook' of the BIG LIE told to the world. They've been trying to figure out the best way to let people know of the existence of UFO's and ET's…which they have tried so hard to keep people from knowing about all these years ‘in modern times'. But also, they don't want to be looked at as ‘the bad guys'…or have to leave town. And, they still want to be in full control when the issue is ‘leaked' or ‘let out' to the public…which inevitably it will have to be. In Charlie's case, perhaps it's a ‘test run'…to see how people accept it from his story. It could be part of a coordinated long plan to acclimate the world's people to the FACT that yes…UFO's and ET's exist, have been here in our histories, and are here now.

Karma One : In the field of the UFO specialists and conspiracy theories authors, how those people react toward the content of the story of Charles? Skeptical, cynical, indifference or a open minded attention?

Sweeps : Many now are finding Charlie Hall a ‘rallying point'. They have been impressed with the way he has disclosed his interaction with The Tall White ET's. He told it as a ‘regular guy', very straight forward as an ordinary person would, and came across as highly believable in ‘a matter of fact' type of story telling about his adventures with them.

Karma One : Do you have any information about the agreement , the Tall Whites concluded with the US Air Force?

Sweeps: My sources tell me, and I trust them, that ‘The Tall Whites' control the situation totally. The U.S. Air Force has nothing to say about it. In fact, they never got anything really usable from these ET's…in exchange technology or any REAL Space related information. Government officials, black operations people, and some military figures, had ‘rides' on their space scout ships…but were not giving them access to their ‘Deep Space Craft' or their agendas here. Make no mistake, this planet Earth has already been fully infiltrated and ‘taken over' in many ways. While the ET's of many species still basically follow the much talked about ‘prime directive' of non-interference, they do nevertheless oversee everything staying in the background. What exactly that means…is still to come.

Karma One : Let's talk about Area 51. What credibility do you give to the Branton Files and the Omega Files, this huge volume of information about the installation of the Short Greys in Area 51, their occult agenda and the enormous underground installation?

Sweeps : My comment on this question is to ask a question. How much real power do the ‘Greys' have among the other groups/species which are here? I don't believe that they are all working together. I think they tolerate each other to a degree, but I'm convinced from my own group consultants that there exists a hierarchy higher then the little ‘POOP ‘Greys'.

Karma One : When we read the general literature about abduction but also some books like the books of the Montauk "team" (Swerdlow, Peter Moon, Preston Nichols), many races of extraterrestrial are currently involved in activities on earth? How many? What are their goal?

Sweeps : I remember in my Army intelligence duties discussing just this very question in closed meetings. We were aware, and this goes back about 20 years, of about 54 different species which were fairly well established. Any statement like this will be and has been discredited, and the people making these remarks made to look like fools or outright delusional. It doesn't matter. I always say, when asked if I really believe this, ‘Knowing is a lot better than just believing'. Now, out of the ‘dis-information' business, myself and many of my consultants agree that we may be looking at over 102 recognized species on this planet. Some are here long periods, have been here, or simply come and go. People as I, formerly in United States Services, are more fortunate than those of other countries. Our ‘security oath' only lasts for 20 years, not to talk about ‘things one has learned' until that time period is up. In Britain and many other countries they have a lifelong fettering to a ‘State Secrets Act', or something like it. It would be difficult for ANY of us to say definitively what ET's goals might be. We are really not privy to their cultures or their basic psychologies. Mostly we are left to use ‘Epistemology'…'ways of knowing' things. We have to look closely at ‘their' actions and try to extrapolate what they could mean. We are still ‘listening and learning', and always require more input and analysis. We keep in mind, that this is a BIG Universe…even the physical one we think we know, and that there are ‘goodies' and baddies'.

Karma One : Have you been yourself the "victim" of strange encounters with UFO and alien? Have you been the victim of abduction?

Sweeps : I will have to make a long story short, for this interview. Our experience in Ireland with ET's and their ‘different' craft began after I returned from the ‘Desert Storm' assignment, training the Saudi troops. It was unexpected, even though in my various capacities, I'd seen UFO's in many parts of the world and had very uncommon experiences with them and their occupants. Our whole family was involved in a series of ‘Skywatching' and signaling right around our home here, starting in 1999. It started simply as a ‘together' leisure family activity, after I'd noticed UFO's in the night sky for a few weeks. I do, of course, know the difference between satellites, aircraft, aerial/visual anomalies, ‘trick' of light, and REAL ‘unknowns'. There are over 4,000 satellites circling the planet, but they are on predictable orbits and only about one-quarter of them are still really functioning. We know where and when to expect satellites to be seen. There is a manual which scientists, astronomers, and Ufologist use. It's called ‘The Ephemeris', and denotes the flight path of ALL satellites. So, I was quite excited that we were having UFO's in Ireland , and we started to signal and video them. We were all pleasantly surprised when ‘they' flew back and forth over the house…signaling back, or hovering for awhile and then ‘shooting off'. And, sometimes they would come over head and simply ‘blink out'…disappear! They would also affect our electricity in many strange ways. The signaling halogen lamp would go out and then come back on, house lights would do the same, TV channels would start switching from station to station in various rooms in the house, the car's engine would stop and then start again, and the phones would start ringing with no one on the lines. But one of the oddest things was that E-mails would ‘start sending themselves'. ‘They' seemed to be able to start dialing my E-mail connection and try to send messages. I have such an incident on video. We did never really get a message, just that the dialing would be noticed.

There were many things, which most people without such experiences would find totally unacceptable or even insane according to their ‘one world view'. That is; what most people ‘think' Reality is. One night during a ‘typical' skywatch, when there was a lot of activity. One of my daughters was ‘struck'. She was out with me watching ‘the passing parade over head' and very suddenly she feel to the ground. She had both legs paralyzed, and had to be carried into the house. She had no feeling in either leg, and could not move them. As Nurses, my wife and I gave her every test available for ‘feeling' and movement. She was also left with reddened ‘diamond' shaped marks on her upper thighs, which lasted for months. Sensation started to return later in the evening. It was a temporary condition. But for what purpose? We have that entire incident on video-infra red. That's a whole other story!

Only a few years ago, one would be thought of as ‘crazy' if they talked about telepathy and thought transfer without speaking. No days, people are speaking more freely about it. And major government and military programs have such research and investigations in place. Well at the risk of ridicule, a tactic of character assassination used by ‘The Black Opts' groups, I will tell you quit outright that I've had telepathic contacts with ET's. Many of these were written up in Magazines and newspapers, mainly because the information given to me was ‘right on' and provable. Generally, I would be ‘told' telepathically to go outside ‘Now' or in a few minutes. By following this prompting, I would be outside at just the right time to view a UFO and even video some of them. There are many stories-incidents which occurred, but too long for this interview. I talked about many of them at a lecture to students at UCD-University College Dublin a year or so ago. They were enthralled, and not the least bit ‘put off' by the concept. Things are changing. I really believe now that ‘the kids' are ready for all of this. They've been brought up with a lot of this, which has created a restless curiosity and interest in both ET's and the paranormal.

Karma One :Your country, Ireland , is quite known for a tradition with fairy creatures and tales? Is it the same about UFO and alien, meaning that Ireland could be a good site for close encounters with aliens and UFOs? If yes, why? And is there any peculiar sites in Ireland that are the subjects of strange manifestations (some kind of local Montauk, Area 51 site) ?

Sweeps : I imagine all countries and cultures, going way back into pre-history, have their myths and legends of ‘Gods from the sky', strange creatures which arrived and then left, ‘magical protected' places, unaccountable ‘constructions', ‘flying machines', great teachers, great weapons and battles between non-human races, and even cross breeding with humans by beings who were separate and different from us. These are among the same type of tales in Ireland . The ‘Tu teta Danan' were said to be a ‘space race'. They came from the skies and returned to the skies. Cuchulain, a hero in Irish mythology, had weapons which ‘hissed' and trailed fire and could find the enemy even in caves. Sounds like some kind of tracking-homing weapon. He had many other weapons which sound quite like ‘modern or space age technology'. There were also ‘people' who flew in ‘Enchanted Chariots', even up to and beyond the skies to the ‘Palace of the Gods'. Their ‘crafts' were well described by ancient traditions, of metal and glass, and had all the appearances of oval or flying discs. Yes the Fairy tales in Ireland , similar to those of Britain and Scotland , are still talked about and truly believed by many here. Many people have older relatives who recall ‘hearing the fairies playing their music and dancing' in the woods or fields. Some people still volunteer ‘seeing' the fairies or a Leprechaun. They are said to be in a side dimension, and only certain people can interact with or see them. The very ‘queer' thing, is that even now little children often report, quite unconcerned by what adults might think, that they have ‘played' with fairy creatures. They describe them as fun loving, flying and darting about, and with transparent wings. They are sometimes said to be very mischievous and play trick on humans, according to many accounts. But, they are said to be very fond of Nature and quick to be upset if humans try to interfere with Natural things and the environment. Are such things ‘real'. Why not? We are just beginning the finding out, that ‘we' don't know the first thing about ‘Reality'. I keep an opened mind.

As for UFO's in Ireland , since it's a ‘global happening' of course UFO's and their occupants visit here. One can not speak of it being a phenomenon anymore, because it's happening all over the world on a daily basis. Many of the sighting in Ireland , as elsewhere, happen along the ‘LEY LINES'…magnetic tracts in the ground. Scientists themselves have only recently verified that such ‘power tracts' do indeed exist. They actually criss cross the entire Earth. We have such ‘Lines' crossing here around our home, which may be one reason for so many sightings. Castle Leslie is in the very same Ley Line area, just down the road from us. The Monaghan area where we live does seem to have a preponderance of ‘sightings'. Further, Ireland has over 12,000 megalithic sites, which also seems to produce strange ‘feelings' in people and are sites where many people claim to see ‘ghosts' and apparitions. In our area is a group of old homes called Dunna Row. The last man living in those ancient homes has recently died. But, in the past, before someone would die at Dunna Row a glowing ‘craft' would appear days before. It's been witnessed time and time again over the years. These are things much more than legend. They have been seen by multiple witnesses up to and including ‘modern times'.

Karma One :What do you think about the hypothesis from people like David Icke, Branton, Swerdlow etc. who think that our universe is manipulated by extraterrestrial or reptilian entities? Do you think that our world is manipulated by the Illuminati, the reptilian bloodlines or do you believe that the alien phenomenon is much wider than this plausible manipulation?

Sweeps : One can only imagine the profusion of ‘influences' on us here on Planet Earth. David Icke and the others you've mentioned, often go ‘far a field' and are down right ‘silly'. Their ‘Cosmos Conceptions' can sometimes read like the ‘tabloid press' or ‘The examiner' type newspapers and magazines. Many of their ‘conspiracy theories' are actually based on dubious investigations or claimed informants from ‘secret clubs' or organizations. Most of these groups are nothing more than ‘old school ties', or vested interest groups which ‘hang together' for their own economic and social engineering agendas. That doesn't mean they can't do damage to ‘the little guy' or bring about chaos and globalization in their own interests. Such ‘hidden' factions cum ‘secret organizations', can indeed be ‘power brokers' and manipulate world markets or cause wars and disruption to civil liberties. They, in that regard, are to be considered criminals and agents of control. They are akin to many of our social/cultural institutions, which work hand in glove with each other to keep people dumbed down so as to not upset the ‘one world view' which ‘they' have us sealed in to. An example would be government and religion working together. Basically ‘they' want people to be ‘working units', pay taxes, be consumers, don't step out of line, believe the social myths and lies they are fed, and not advance to the second stage of thinking…which is to start to question things they have been taught not to question. We start to learn by imitating others. It's simply mimicry, and most people never get out of that stage. Look around, people are followers doing things everyone else is doing. ‘They' certainly don't want a bunch of ‘free thinkers' running around. First of all there would be no Religion. There can't be a religious institution with free thinkers. People have to be instilled with fear, told they need intermediaries and guides, and that all the questions have already been answered for them. As I'm wont of saying; ‘No organized institutional religion serves the spiritual needs of humankind. They serve themselves.' That's also why ‘drugs' used in the right way are such a threat to the establishment. Drugs stop social conformity, opens people up to Eureka experiences, and ends forever programmed conditioning. People start behaving as anarchists. Anarchists don't really go around with bombs destroying things. They just want to be left alone to govern themselves. This can't be allowed. Such people see life differently and want to enjoy internal freedom and exploration. They look at life as art, to be able to be free and express themselves without controls. This is not permitted in our cultures, to look at life that way. So, most people become or remain as ‘sheeple'. This is the real fight in life. To fight ‘ordinariness' and ‘do your own thing'.

Karma One :Do you think that the mentality of the general public has changed toward the UFO and alien subjects?

Sweeps: Sure, in some senses. If a UFO landed in a big crowd or public place, they would at least now say ‘oh, there's a flying saucer'. They've become familiar enough through movies, videos on the subject, and books etc. with what that means. But, the big answer is far more reaching. Most people ‘don't want to know', unless it effects their day to day existence itself!

Karma One :We saw that you were interviewed by the BBC. Have you been ostracized by the mainstream media about the nature of your work and your general approach of "abnormalities", UFOs and "paranormal subjects"?

Sweeps : You must understand that we are all ostracized by ‘media'. Most people don't realize that media, especially aired major media-TV, CABLE, AND RADIO-are all owned. Owned media groups serves up their own agenda and vested interests, be it government or private consortiums. The programming is essentially mediocre and inconsequential in its' offerings. It's one of the prime ways of keeping people ‘dumbed down'. They present ‘a hall of mirrors' making your choices for entertainment, sports, and learning, seem bigger than they really are. My recent BBC ‘interview' was a case in point…an object lesson. I got in a few good points with Sir Patrick Moore the astronomer, but was cut in to repeatedly by the fast talking ‘put down' host of the show before I could conclude or expand the points. He never gave my proper title or background material, which he had asked for before the show. Never gave me time to get in the web site or E-mail address, and then ‘cut me off' in mid flow. I happen to know that ‘Sir' Patrick Moore is ‘in the closet' about UFO's and ET's…because of my association with Desmond Leslie , who was a good friend of Patrick. Revealing this would have cast aspirations and doubt on his scientific agenda reputation and affect his job with BBC. This was not an interview; it was a protection of their ‘policies'. Of course, there was no fairness to be accorded me in a ‘debate' with one of their own.

Those are reasons for doing my own ‘Sweeps' Fox Shows. We present the news which is withheld from people. The too hot to handle or comment on news, and the controversial but vital issues which impinge on an understanding of things effecting people's futures. We tell it ‘like it is'. We tell it without the ‘one reality' filters people are use to. We take off the ‘blinders', and hope to raise questions about what we are told or permitted to know…all in order to raise individual consciousness about what ‘Reality' really is. Most media have policies which are tied to vested interest groups, the government rules, or editorial control, and bias philosophies by their owners or stock holders. We are not socially mundane, nor mere ‘readers' or presentors. We are though, provocative and unique in the interests of all humankind and the environment. By environment we mean the bio-sphere as well as the atmosphere of ‘freedom'. We try to be that voice of freedom, away from old entrenched ideas from establishment pressures to conform, and from outdated ‘war on people'. We don't wear suits, do ‘spam' consumer advertising, and we don't cater to bureaucracies …or the ‘norm'.

Karma One

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